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Divisional Seminar

Thursday September 18th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
in the Ross Conference room (R 4.02)

Brett Thombs, Ph.D.

William Dawson Scholar and Associate Professor,
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute of Medical Research,
Jewish General Hospital

"Using the Cohort Multiple Randomized Controlled Trial (cmRCT) Design for Pragmatic Trials in a Rare Disease Context: The Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network"
Dr. Thombs is a William Dawson Scholar and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry (Associate Member of Department of Medicine; Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health; Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and School of Nursing) of McGill University and a Senior Investigator at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital. He is also Director of the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network (SPIN). His research focuses on identifying and assessing key problems faced by patients dealing with medical illness and on determining mental health and behavioral intervention paradigms that are likely to improve patients' health and well-being.  In addition, he studies how research methods may affect the applicability of research to clinical settings. Dr. Thombs has published more than 150 articles, including more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, in the last 5 years, many in top medical journals; has served as a peer reviewer for more than 40 medical journals; and has editorial positions with 4 journals.



To participate you must be:

  • pre-menopausal (intervals of 60 days or more between menstrual periods) or post-menopausal (no menstruation for 1 to 5 years)

  • not diagnosed with high blood pressure

  • did not have a hysterectomy

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